Welcome to Lowell, Michigan

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The Old Farts Running Club is the proud sponsor of the Old Farts Marathon, Half Marathon and the 5K.

We are always looking for support and sponsors who would like to be a part of this unique event, please send sponsorship inquiries to coachdroski@aim.com 

We pride ourselves on giving runners one of the finest running experiences that the sport of running can offer. This run offers a unique challenge for runners to test their mettle and toughness as the trails offer up "the call of the wild" bellow from the depths of the trails. Runners will encounter challenge after challenge as the make their way through some of the most challenging hills ever bestowed upon a marathon. Each year the marathon has seen the toughness meter intensify but nothing like the challenge that 2017 will bring as runners encountered the "Return of the Wicked Witch and the Mummy"....this will be a memorable experience so come on out to Lowell, Michigan and experience what some are calling "the Toughest Marathon East of the Mississippi. The Old Farts Marathon beckons you while the Larry, Ed, Fred and Little Chuck await you. See you in 2017...the REVENGE of the Mummy and the Return to Witch Mountain. As one runner put it...you may want your mommy when you get done with the Mummy! 

 AWARDS: Every runner who finishes in the half and the full marathon WILL GET A MEDAL and the top 100 will also receive an Old Farts Towel. (We usually have extra so even if there is over 100 runners in your race we most likely can hook you up with a towel) The top runners Usually top 50 in each race, will be able to select an Old Farts apparel item off the winner's table...we usually have a large selection to choose from...from polos to sweat pants to shorts and sport  jackets. Top 5 Age group winners in the marathon will receive way cool crystal awards! Not to worry if you don't finish in the top because there will always be some unique finisher award for those who miss the top spots. SORRY 5K runners....you guys just get a cool tee and a pick a prize from the top runner's bin, after all your in the fun run! So come on out and get your swag Old Fart Style! 

There is race day registration on the morning of the race but you are not guarrenteed t-shirt. but we encourage if at all possible to pre-register!