Other Great Races

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Other Great Races

Listed are some great web sites of a few of our favorite races...come and run them and you'll see why.

The Old Fart's Wild West Ultra

Come and run this Age and Gender Graded 5K Race. Visit www.beatthegrandma.mysite.com  

This is a great race in which everybody runs against everybody in an age and gender graded handicap 5K road race so you get a chance to really test your metal against some of the state's toughest older and younger athletes as well as "the Grandma"...come on out and see if you can Beat the Grandma!!! This is one of the Coolest Road Races in the State!!!

 See these web sites for other cool and unusual races:

www.onehillofarun.mysite.com  ... a great 5k and 10k course and the infamous double!

www.trextenmiler.mysite.com  a trail ten miler with a bit of fun and flair!

www.oldfartsrunningclub.mysite.com is our club's main web site.

ON...JULY 4th, 2015 is the T-REX TEN MILER visit www.trextenmiler.8k.com for more details. This is one race that you won't want to miss know matter what type of runner you are!

Take on the Challenge that is T-Rex!!!