2015 Photos

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Photos from 2015...the Mummy

We only got a few photos from the finish area, unfortunately the mummy scared our photographer away from getting all the really good shots.

Mike Woodbeck cruised to another 5K Victory!

Jeff Anderson ran his 251st marathon!!!

Men's Overall Half Marathon Champ

Half Marathon Women's Champ

If the Mummy groans and nobody is around does he still make a sound?

Bruce Purdy has run every year!!!

Birthday Boy Rick celebrated his "52nd" birthday!

Bill and Amy...kudos shout out to Amy and her roving aid station!

Tracey ran her first Old Fart's Marathon and LOVED IT!

The Man of the Hour...Big Ben(as he cleaned everybody's clock) VanHoose of Greenville was amazing again as he won for a 6th STRAIGHT TIME!!!

Mummy Satellite spotted the women's half marathon champ in training getting ready for The Mummy!!!...the training paid off!

Yes the Pineapple and Greek Chicken were good!

...yes I admit I kicked the Mummy!

Starting Loop Two with restrooms right next to the course at half way.

Grand Master's Champion: Suzanne Kozloski

Too Many Color Choices!!!

For Whom the Bell Tolls For...why it tolls for thee...Big Bob of Muskegon Survived the Mummy!!!

Better start training for next year....see you in 2016!!!