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26.2 MILES...Come and Leave your cares at the door...


If you plan on running the full marathon you better be in shape to tackle this one...this race is not for beginners. But if your up for a challenge and we do mean UP!!!!, if your looking for a GREAT workout, or are just One Tough Old Fart...then this OLD FARTS MARATHON will not disappoint YOU! This years course will be two 13.1 mile loops. It will include all the same fun as last year... but we are adding a new twist called THE be scared, be very scared and the Old Fart Race would not be the same if you didn't get to run the stretch of trail that we will call The LARRY...because "it's just plain Scary" so Lace them up tight cause you will be in for a bumpy ride through the mud and then after you get through the mud then the real "Nose Bleed...aka check with your doctor before attempting... Type of Hils" begin. We name the hills so you won't have any problem recalling them after the race. First you will hit the's half the FRED so if you dislike the ED, then you'll dread the FRED. Then you come to the FRED...a hill so big that you will feel your heart pounding out of your chest by the time you reach the top! Then it's on to "Little Chuck"...named after Chuck Norris...a hill that he would be proud of. Then after Little Chuck you limp through the nice section of the course...wooded trails that flow then you have definitely earned your race t-shirt and know that the OLD FARTS COURSE is no joke. So when the finisher medal says ONE TOUGH MARATHON...we mean it!

AWARDS  will be given out to the TOP 5 Male and Female OVERALL, MASTERS, and GRAND MASTERS as well as Nice Finisher Towels and Medals given to the first 100 runners to cross the finish line. We have not had a hundred finishers ever so don't be scared that you won't be in the top 100...if you can finish...we'll give you an awesome finisher medal! All top finishers also get to pick a prize off the winner's table while supplies last.

ALSO new this year will be SWEAT PANTS for ALL Marathoners!!!


PLEASE BRING A WATER BOTTLE. this is a trail marathon and aid stations are don't travel where your running so come prepared! You will run by the start/finish line at the lodge at half way so you can set your stuff there or if you park in the lot next to the lodge you will run right by your car if you need to change shoes, socks, etc.

This course will have it all...beautiful country TRAILS, gravel roads, scenic TRAILS, North Country TRAILS, uphill TRAILS...and I do mean UP...with a few downs thrown in for good measure. We advise that you carry a water bottle. We are aiming for a manned aid station at 1/2 way and some self serve stations at various points on the course. We will try for every three miles to six miles...which means we will have a table, water and cups and you serve yourself... All races start at 8 a.m.

The course will be VERY challenging but Good News is that Last Years "Wicked Witch" is DEAD!!!....but runners BEWARE because IT IS THE YEAR OF THE MUMMY!!! it will be one of the most challenging courses that The Old Farts has offered and it will also be one of the most beautiful and rewarding marathons that you will ever experience in the Mid West! Good Luck and we will see you on Race Day. Every type of trail will be represented from dirt roads to two tracks to single tracks to homemade tracks. This course has it all and will not be boring by any stretch on the imagination! The course will be marked with bio degradable bright orange spray paint and pink flags so nobody will get lost. The ups will go UP and the downs will go down and if you run a stretch on flat just remember that's it's only temporary! But if you love scenery and nature and remoteness then this race is for you. It's fun because you never know what's around the next bend! 




The Really BAD HILLS all have names like "THE FRED" , "THE ED" AND "LITTLE CHUCK"...they will be the ones you will remember..SO YOU WILL HAVE SOMETHING TO TALK ABOUT WHEN YOUR FINISHED playing in our Fun House or after loop 2 "The Haunted House!!!"...and yes the NEW Pyramid of Pain on The Mummy Trail section along with the actual "Mummy" Hill will leave you Crying for your Mummy!!! Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha...see you in August where the black flies and mosquitoes will be the least of your concerns!